Saturday, July 31, 2010

1 week old!

Yes, we're still at the hospital. Calvin's feedings have been up just a tad; 40% yesterday. He did not do a swallow study yet, he will on Monday if things have not progressed. Calvin has also started Lasix, which is a diuretic. His chest xray on Thursday showed some fluid in the lungs, a result of the heart conditions. So, feedings changed (a concentrated formula is being added to the breast-milk so that he can take in less volume with the same number of calories) and Lasix was added. A blood-pressure medication will be started next week if he continues to show signs of increased pressure in the lungs. We are hoping the Lasix is enough. All of this contributes to feeding issues because it is harder for Calvin to breathe. He takes many more breaths than we do in a minute. The cardiologist likened it to trying to drink while running. That is indeed difficult! One step at a time...


  1. praying for you guys. miss you to!! can you have visitors other than family? email me if you have a chance


  2. Wow, that kid is going to be so tough! 1 week old already! Congrats and I hope things start to get easier for him, and you, soon! :)

  3. Ilisa and Joe-
    It sounds like really things are going well. I will be praying for good health and happiness for your family. I am glad you have found some good connections with other moms via internet. That is so true about reading about your baby as a child you love with some extra needs versus a child with special needs. I know I can offer kindness, compassion and support but I cannot totally identify with what you are going through so again I am happy for your connections. I do know I hear a lot of love for your baby as your blogs progress. You are all very lucky to have another. I will be calling for a visit soon but feel free to tell me---not yet! Patti Jakupciak