Thursday, July 29, 2010

Are we there yet?

The answer is 'no'. Unfortunately, feedings have not continued to progress with Sweet Baby Calvin. However, we are going to be trying some new things with him.

His feedings for Tuesday were at 67% and I believe I just understood that they were in the 20's yesterday. Keep in mind the volume is always increasing, so he is taking about the same amount of fluids as earlier, but the percentage is down.

The SLP (Speech/Language Pathologist) was in again yesterday. It is likely that tomorrow morning Cal will undergo a swallow study to rule out the action of aspirating his food. He is not coughing when he eats, but babies can be silently doing so. Today's attending doc does not suspect this is the case but the test will confirm one way or the other. If he is aspirating, we'll thicken his food. We'll go down that road when we get there.

Another thing that will be done for Cal has to do with decreasing the amount of fluids he needs. Since it is likely that his heart condition tires him out, it would be better to not have to take in as much in volume. Therefore, we will add formula to the breast-milk when he is eating from a bottle. This will give him the calories he needs without the volume. It looks like we could be in for a longer stay than hoped for. That is a huge bummer.

The final update on Cal's stats is in regards to his O2 saturation levels. His average stats were down a bit yesterday. I remember hearing the alarm quite a bit more than other days. I have not heard it much today, but that could change. I think we'll be here through the weekend, probably through next week as well. I figure if I expect that, then there will be less disappointment.
Katie visited on Tuesday. She was feeling bad not having come to see him. Many have not been able to get here and there is no reason to feel bad. When I am here, I am working on nursing and the time actually goes pretty fast until I leave for home. Since I have been leaving by 5 there is not enough time for people to see him after work. It is alright. Here are some pictures to help in the meanwhile.

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  1. Aww, that's a great one of his face! Thanks for sharing it!