Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hi Joe!

As we were getting ready to leave the house today Nolan got ready to go bye-bye all on his own! He thought it was essential to have on sunglasses.

When I turned off the car Nolan was not happy. He wanted out! "Guck!" "Guck!" As you can see, he is capable of getting out of just about anything, including diapering and clothes changing! Argh!

Evan requested I take a picture of him "this close". When I showed it to him, he said "That's a great picture."

After my day yesterday, I decided to take a walk around the yard this morning. The boys were still sleeping and the weather was wonderful. This is one of the dahlia plants and I'd say it is my favorite. I wanted to take this picture to show Joe because he is out of town for the week. I admit I'm starting to become a bit competitive with him, too. Who can take the best flower picture??? No, the new lens is not here yet.

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  1. who takes these pictures? they are like professional they are awesome.