Sunday, July 11, 2010

Stop and drink the milk from your cereal bowl

The boys are capable of showing me moments that I can choose to enjoy as much as they are. Take for instance, drinking milk from the cereal bowl. In and of itself, it is a simple yet joyful experience, no matter how old you are. When I was about 14, I joined my cousin Cami at her family table for breakfast. Uncle Larry and Aunt Kim were there as well. We were eating breakfast and Kim noticed one of the boys (I believe it was Chas) drinking milk from the bowl after finishing his cereal. She commented something along the lines of it not displaying good manners. In the instant she was saying that, we looked over and Uncle Larry was doing the same thing, at 50-some years of age. It was great! I smiled all over inside and we all got a good giggle over that one. The left over milk is like a special treat after finishing your cereal. It always tastes like the cereal does. Why waste it? Stop and drink the milk from your cereal bowl.

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