Saturday, July 3, 2010

What's a CAVC?

I'll post just a bit about the heart concerns for now. Baby Boy has what his pediatric cardiologist termed a "complete AV canal defect". There are more terms for this condition but we'll call it that, or CAVC. As I mentioned in another post, it is a common defect in babies born with Ds. The good news is it can be surgically repaired between 3-6 months. The cardiologist explained that this is ideal because the tissue is easier to work with than earlier in life and if you wait too long, the lungs can be permanently affected. Here's a link to more information on CAVC:

Our last appointment with the cardiologist went well. She said his heart is well balanced and the diameter of the aorta was good. The full ultrasound also showed everything else looked good. The cardiologist and tech mentioned that if it were not for the heart, they would have never suspected Ds. Hopefully this holds up after birth and he is healthy and strong - especially as he gets through until after surgery and such.

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