Monday, August 9, 2010

Family fun and then some...

Guess what? We are taking Sweet Baby Calvin home today!

Joe and I came over on Saturday and he had his feeding tube removed and we were told Monday was a possible discharge day. Of course I was excited but did not want to get my hopes up either. I did not come over yesterday so the attending doc called me with an update. She said he had lost 2 ounces, so I was bumming thinking it would affect the discharge date. But, here we are, loaded up and waiting for his case manager to come in with scheduled appointments and meds. Yay! I am excited and nervous, too. I (okay, Joe too!) have a huge responsibility here. The cardiologist stopped in and gave me a short list of "ifs" to call in about (like sweating during feedings, dropped feedings, labored breathing) He said surgery will likely be between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm hoping these next few months go quick so we can get him "fixed" and ready to live his life with more vigor. Calvin is very sleepy and is only awake enough to eat (for the most part). Any-who, here we go! On to the next chapter. Oh, I have to admit, as I was walking down the hall here I thought "That wasn't so bad, I could do it again". I don't want to though, atleast not until surgery.

Evan and Nolan love Cousin Nevaeh's new ride! Nolan also loves Nevaeh's new hair bling! He gave us all a good laugh, what a kid. I cut his hair last night so no up-dos for him for awhile.

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  1. yay I hope you are loving having him home with you, I hope you are enjoying all the moments of him in your arms in the comforts of your own place! sending virtual hugs!