Friday, August 13, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We are loving having our family all home together. It is so much easier to feel connected to one another when we're together and not running around like a chicken with our head cut off (I'm so glad I missed this experience as a kid - thanks Mom and Dad for ending the chicken phase prior to my long-term memory establishment, that would have been nothing but nightmare precursors). I have obviously been busy, since I'm just finally able to get to posting an update. Calvin has been very easy, but Nolan and Evan have not! Ha Ha! It can be pretty stressful but I've been here, done that. I'd say going to number three has been a breeze compared to going to one and two. As a co-worker put it: "Having one kid is like 'holy crap', two is like 'holy shit', and three and four are 'no big deal' " - they have four, so he must know what he's talking about. By the way, sorry for the swearing, he said it, not me!! Well, it has been busy. It takes about a half an hour for Cal to suck down his food, then I pump, and sometimes I do both at the same time. Then I usually have to rein in the other two who are fighting or crying or hungry or...well, you get it.

We had quite a few visitors this week including Public Health and Birth to Three. We weighed Calvin on Wednesday and he'd gained 4 ounces since he left the hospital, passing his birth weight! Birth to Three came out yesterday and we got paperwork started for now. Calvin will have an IFSP (Individualized Family Service Plan) written up in the next few weeks. In there will be details of his goals and service plans to meet those goals. As of now it looks like he'll have Occupational Therapy (OT) and Speech contracted out through Children's Therapy Center out of Amery. I'm not sure how often yet, that will be part of the IFSP work-up.

I have been feeling okay this week as far as Calvin's disabilities and health issues go. It felt surreal when Birth to Three was out. I'm usually on the other end of the equation, the one helping provide services to children and families. I have thought on numerous occasions that part of God's plan is to give me experiences to better help others through empathy. However, I looked at Calvin today and realized the thought that he is here to fulfill some need of mine is not the right way of looking at him. He is not here just to fulfill something for me, he is here for His plan and to live his own life. Does that make sense? I just do not want to get caught up thinking about what Calvin will do for me, it is so much more than that, just as with all people in our lives. As one of the SLP's at Children's put it: "God has big plans for him" and we know God's plan is perfect!

I'd like to recommend a book: Expecting Adam by Martha Beck. My new friend (yay!) Heather gave it to me after having Calvin. She too has a child who has Down syndrome and a repaired CAVC. People like Heather and so many others are the true blessing behind having my sweet Calvin. I am blessed. We all are.
Evan and Nolan were very excited to have their brother home. The first thing Nolan did was fetch Calvin a book and a doll pacifier (we had just been telling him that it is for babies, since we got rid of his mid June).
Evan loves to hold Calvin. He also thinks Calvin should be awake all day when we are!
Another moment of asking Nolan to smile for the camera.
Tummy time is tired time. Calvin does a pretty good job getting his head up and around for a few seconds. It is hard work!


  1. Hi Ailts Family! Thanks for the update and pictures! The boys all look too Mama!- Let me know when I can come visit- I can't wait...

  2. Nice to see him with his brothers!