Thursday, August 5, 2010

New test results

Joe and a few others went to see Calvin today. The reports are that the feedings are going really well, he passed his hearing test with flying colors, and passed his car seat test (sit in it for an hour and monitor stats). Hey, maybe we're getting ready for a car ride home?? Hopefully!

Unfortunately I found out why Evan was laying around all day. At about 3, I looked at him and noticed his demeanor was just too off. I kept asking if he felt fine. Of course he said yes, over and over again. Well, I touched him and could tell he had a fever. Seriously?? Now I'm hoping it is not going to get back to Calvin. I will be praying at every moment I can.

After he had some Motrin, we headed outside to clean up a keyboard for him to practice his new piano skills. He wanted to ride his bike (which he had us take the training wheels off about a month ago). I took him out to a small hill in the grass and told him to pedal. Well, OFF he went, over and over! He laughed the whole way. What a delight. After some harvesting and bath time, he exclaimed he was no longer sick! I wish! Motrin is sure misleading isn't it?

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  1. Sounds like things are moving in the right direction! still praying for all of you. Give Calvin a hug for me and Evan too(hopefully feeling better). I can't wait to meet little Calvin....