Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Life in our household is like riding on a roller-coaster - it can be thrilling or it can make you sick. I feel like I'm trying to avoid getting sick.

I've noticed lately the similarities between Calvin and my dream baby. When I was prego with Evan, I'd picture holding this baby and rocking him/her to sleep. I'd imagine simple baby things. Well, I didn't get simple baby things with Evan. He was one high-needs baby. Come to think of it, he still is in some ways (like insisting on which shirt he's going to wear, or what the bedtime routine will be, etc.) Okay, now that I wrote that, it just seems like he wants control! Anyways, back to the dream baby. Well, I'm getting that with Calvin. I get to brag here: he would probably sleep through the night (we set an alarm to feed him), he can fall asleep on his own, he rarely cries, he's cute and cuddly, and he's bottom-line a baby. Don't get me wrong, there are a few things that are not in my dreams. Not nursing is one of them. I'm going to get more serious about working on this with him. I'm not sure where we'll end up, but I'm going to try.

Calvin went to the doctor yesterday and was up to 8lbs. He is doing well. He sees the pediatrician again next week along with the cardiologist. Birth to Three will be out on Monday to do his OT and Speech evals. I think that about covers it. It's time to go feed him. Here are a few pictures to tell about the week (I thought I'd spare you the sight of Joe's new stitches though. I'm calling him Franken-Foot because that is where they are...part of the roller-coaster ride that makes us sick!)
It was brought to my attention that we have a nest in one of the tomato plants. A weird part of me was caught up thinking about my own vulnerable being in the crib - my own little helpless baby Calvin.
Another one that could have made us sick...Nolan fell and hit his forehead on the wooden edge of a glider. I could literally watch his forehead grow in the few minutes that followed. Not good!
It can all be balanced out with a bit of excitement and positive news. I finally have a niece on the Sykora side! Welcome Olivia! Here is her proud papa holding the 2 newest additions to the family.

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