Friday, September 10, 2010

Parents magazine...

I have pictures coming. What I do not have is time. It is the middle of the night and I'm doing my usual pumping/computer combo. I do this to stay awake. When I pop, well, alright, drag my butt out of bed, I look forward to my catching up of the BabyCenter posts and hopefully some of the blogs I follow. I quickly clicked my way into Enjoying the Small Things and am so excited to read Parents magazine. I, too, like Nella's mommy, know what her birth story is, but it is exciting to know that people may have their eyes opened up to "this world". More importantly, maybe some stressed out or depressed parent who was surprised with the birth of a child with Ds will find that story and cry one of those healing cries that we have all had in our lifetime. I hope so.

I do not have a "birth story" but I have a prenatal diagnosis story. We all have a story. We've all had something shock our shell off and expose us to great pains and new beginnings. That is what is great, and not so great, about life. I'm sorry for people's pain's. I'm not sorry when I see the wonderful things that come out of those pains. I'm not sorry for what is emerging for me and my little family. This includes not only us in this house, but everyone around Calvin that can call him a piece of their own. After all, he's not mine. God is loaning him to us and He's watching. He cares for Calvin in a way that I know I cannot begin to understand. He also cares for me and He is not giving Calvin or anyone else or any one thing to us to hurt us. Quite the opposite indeed! But, just as we have to be willing to see Him, we have to be willing to see His possibilities. When life gives you an abundance of milk, you can waste it, or make ice cream!

That comes to mind as I pump and think about my already full freezer! I'm trying to figure out where to go from here with this surplus. Calvin is up to about 14-15 oz a day where he was once closer to 13. I know that little bit does not seem like a big deal, but it is. He used to have 8 feedings and we're down to 7 now. So, where he once took in about 50mls per feeding, he's easily getting in an average of 60. Again, does not sound like a big deal, but it is in the Ds with CAVC world.

Speaking of that world, I only know it from where I sit but it is working out quite well for now. Cal in no way seems to be in cardiac failure. He spends a good amount of time awake, eats fairly quickly, eats from a bottle, lifts his head up, and follows our voices and activity. He is coming along and I often find myself wondering what this could mean for his future. At least he does not need to wait for surgery to start getting stronger.

I am a rambling fool. I will post pictures of the pumpkin harvesting as soon as I get some time and some better pictures.

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