Friday, September 10, 2010

Picture this

Joe's working on his Halloween/pumpkin display. We finally have pumpkins! Big and small, we got 'em all! I'm not too sure I think these first 2 pics are great. I'll work on it and deliver something more interesting...

4 Giants resting, all snug in their beds while visions of carvers dance in their heads.

Nolan had a fever this week and he did not want to go outside to harvest corn to freeze. However, he felt better the next afternoon and had lots of time outside riding the blue tractor (what the boys call the New Holland).

"Quick Nolan, put those glasses back!" (Joe's new running glasses)

Awwww, so sweet:

Yep, he's starting to smile!! Yay! It must be using up some energy because he's also increased his feeds to 17 or more oz a day!! We are now mixing up 3 oz bottles thickened with Guar Gum and a bit of psyllium. That's it! He's also latching some with the shield. Maybe we'll get there afterall.

Our Little Pumpkin :)

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