Thursday, September 2, 2010

A week unfolds, and it's beautiful!

Despite near 90 degree temps, an 80-some dew-point level, and trillions of mosquitos, the boys insisted on getting in some outside time on Monday. I had brought Calvin to the dentist in the morning and we made a day out of being at Grandma and Grandpa Sykora's. After naps, Evan and Nolan rode their hot-wheels down the steepest hill in the yard. No injuries were sustained, amazingly! My Grandpa Sykora said this phenomenon is proof of guardian angels.
Big brother to the rescue!
Calvin likes sleeping on his tummy. He fell asleep during tummy time on Tuesday. I should have had my camera this afternoon. He was flat on the floor and got up on his elbows for a good 5-10 seconds. He did it a few times and Nolan came along. This got Calvin going and he arched so much that he rolled over from his tummy to his back! Yay Calvin! He is doing really well, despite eating like a bird. I do have to say, it is not uncommon for little ones with Ds to arch their backs and roll over early. This does not mean he is really strong, it means he has low muscle tone in his limbs and will use his torso to compensate for that (according to his Occupational Therapist), meaning he will probably have some work to do. However, I'm positive he is strong and will do well.
Sweet, sweet Baby Calvin John
Evan had his last piano lesson, until he is closer to 5. He has a very patient teacher and she would like to see him get a bit older so he can stay more focused. We will keep up what we've learned for now and get through all of Calvin's things and get back to lessons next spring.
The boys love hanging out with anyone that is a male, especially their grandpas. They do some pretty cool things.
Evan had his first day of preschool today. He is open-enrolled in Amery, where Grandma Linda teaches. Therefore, he can ride with her and play in her room for a bit before heading over to Mrs. Hill's room. Grandma Jo Jo was very excited for him and visited him before school started and this way she could see what he will be up to for four half days a week. I had a pretty peaceful morning! Evan got his picture taken in front of Grandma's door (and with Grandpa acting silly) just like my siblings and I did every first day of school. I have many funny pictures that display some awesome clothes and hairstyles. I'm pretty sure this one will always be cool though:
I brought Nolan and Calvin in to pick Evan up. Nolan strutted around with his sunglasses on. He will be fine in school. He went right to the table and hopped up next to one of Ev's classmates.
Nice picture Evan, tired? No, he was cold! (Read page "Out of the Mouths of Babes" to find out more)
Auntie Connie was part of the fun, too. She volunteers there during the year and got to see Evan and Cousin Jorja. I'm seriously wondering how come I can't go have all that fun, too??
The grand reunion: After a few minutes of exploration, Nolan bumped into Evan, gave him a wave and they embraced in a hug. Darn it, my camera was not ready, but I caught the gift offering that followed the hug. So sweet (they were fighting 5 minutes later over Nolan's blanket. Evan was cold. See page "Out of the Mouths of Babes" for more on that story)

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