Saturday, October 9, 2010


That's the weight of your new world record pumpkin! How exciting for the St Croix Growers Association! I have loads and loads of pictures from the past week.

Congrats Joe on your new personal best, 1422.5 lbs.

1500, here you come!

I have a lot of respect for the hard work that goes in to growing these giants. So much time, patience, forgiveness (moving on after a plant or fruit that is lost), and back pain! I know, I've helped. Granted, it has not been much these past few years. It is hard to crawl around on your hands and knees with a baby in your belly!

I also have a lot of respect for the hard work that went in to the weigh-off and Joe did a great job emceeing it!

People have been curious about Joe and Chris: Joe went to school with Chris Stevens, the record grower. They ran together and met back up after college to continue running together. Joe was growing his giants and Chris caught the bug. They also spread it to another local man, John, whom I introduced a week ago. They are quite the gardening trio. It has been a lot of fun. Watch for Chris and his pumpkin in the national news.

I have a picture of Calvin on the 1810.5 from Friday night but it's on Chris' wifes camera so we'll have to be patient.

This is pre-weigh-off, but I'm pretty sure that if Calvin needs glasses, I could live with that knowing how cute Nolan is with his fake ones.
I warmed up the camera on Friday with Calvin and Evan:

Evan and Cousin Nevaeh.
Harvesting pumpkins is a family affair. Cousin Maddie came to play with Nevaeh and the boys.

1020 pounder, and I'm not sure what Joe's face is all about...
My pumpkin, weighing in at roughly 9 lbs, 3oz

Joe's Stillwater Harvest Fest fruit.
Joe, Grandpa Pete, and Grandpa Wayne
Nol, Naya, and Ev
Joe won the hard stem pumpkin category with this 64 pounder.
Chris' wife, AJ, carved Joe's second pumpkin he brought down. It was not officially entered in the contest, but weighed 1020 lbs!
Nolan loves animals. They probably don't always love him!
Sisters, no doubt!
A safe place for Nolan, and he could see so much more!
The kids were longing to get in the water.

The boys appreciated the gigantic watermelon. Not only were they large (1st place was 223 lbs), they were cool, giving Evan a nice place to relax in the heat.

Joe, Ev, and Chris waiting for Joe's pumpkin to approach the scale...a nerve wracking time.
Joe's pumpkin hit the scale, revealing his personal best. That .5 pound gave him 4th vs. 5th place.

Calvin did not want to miss out on a thing. He was awake the majority of the day, just like his brothers were as babies. ("More alike than different" - the Ds motto)

Nolan was ready for a nap.
Joe announcing and John behind him.
John's pumpkin, 1506 lbs!
Chris walking up with his pumpkin. The jugs of water help the fruit retain water weight. It was still growing when it was cut from the vine.
Funny Casey! You can see this on YouTube
The water was tempting in the unusually hot October afternoon.
Evan and Cousin Hollie's son, Carter.
The start of the Pumpkin Regatta.
Second pumpkin was powered by local newsman Erik Perkins - from "Perk At Play"

Ev and Carter gave their moms a break from begging to go in the water. They listened to Joe announce the awards instead, thankfully! It was a nice break for us!
Growers who accepted awards:
The regatta pumpkins remained afloat as we left for the evening. I guess the retrieval was not well planned.
AJ did an awesome job! The large one is in front of our driveway, thanks AJ!

The remaining growers from the event. Don't they look happy?
Ev in front of Chris' pumpkin.
The sun started settling in to the west and the crowd died down, allowing me to relax and enjoy the quiet and spend time with Evan (the other 2 left with Grandma and Grandpa Sykora shortly after Joe's pumpkin hit the scale). Evan kept busy husking corn. After that task was complete, we ventured out and he struck some overtired poses for me. (We ate dinner after we left and he was so tired he could hardly eat. He was asleep before we got home.)
Putting Chris' pumpkin back on his pallet to take home. I imagine it will take many trips this coming month.

I see Joe in Evan and Calvin when I look at this picture! That's the first time I've really seen it!

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