Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I read more of that book I mentioned in the previous post (Skinny B**ch) and I have to say I would not recommend buying it! NOT, I said. I can tell you, I agree with about .5 the message. Sure, there is science in there and I give the authors credit for that. I do think it could have been said in a less rude manner. It is funny at times but that got old. The message is, do not smoke or drink alcohol, coffee or pop/soda (diet either), drink water, eat fruits and veggies, and some more that is really extreme (another reason I would NOT recommend). The authors claim we are not meant to eat meat because we cannot physically hunt without tools and we do not have teeth that resemble a tiger's. However, we do have both plant and meat eating teeth and we use our brains as tools (though they argue this with the fact that our brains also make cigarets and alcohol, etc). Sure, that is true, but that is our tool, correct? Well, I made it through to the part where not only do we have to give up all dairy and meat (eggs, too), but we should substitute with tofu. That is questionable. I am weary of soy products that affect estrogen levels. Anyways, that is the update there. Since I brought it up, I did not want to leave it open ended like that. I agree, there are lots of nasty chemicals in dairy and meats, but we can purchase organic, free range produce (though I do not claim to always do so, I'd like to, but don't). I agree, not everyone should eat dairy products. As I mentioned, I am questioning that in Nolan's case because he still has very runny diapers. I won't go in to details on that one. I'd rather dairy not be an issue, it is pretty difficult to eliminate. He did not have any yesterday though.

Karen Hurd, the nutritionist I have been working with occasionally, also mentioned my eliminating dairy for Calvin's sake. Dairy is known to contribute to reflux and could be contributing to Cal's aspiration issues. *sigh* I have set new goals in the eating department with him. Remember how badly I wanted to nurse? Well, I still do. But, I want him on thin liquids and taking a bottle really well, first. That is just realistic. Reality is not easy to take sometimes. However, when I accept things I feel my character growing. At least I hope it's growing, not hardening. Know what I mean? Sometimes I force myself to look in the mirror and ask if I am the same person I was 12 months ago? Of course I am not, but do I still seem myself? I think I am more easy going in some ways, but I do not want to rid myself of some innocence. Gosh, I could write a book here. But I won't, because it's 3:15am and I'm about done pumping and want to get 3 more hrs of sleep before waking my sweet 4 year old (wow, I thought he was old until I typed FOUR, that is not old at all) for breakfast. He already knows he wants and apple and cereal. What a kid. I love him to pieces, all of them.

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