Thursday, October 28, 2010

Heart surgery in the future...

...the near future that is. Calvin saw Dr. Sutton yesterday. He had an ECG and laid pretty well for the poor man who needed a ton of pictures. He was getting wiggly towards the end but we both agreed that wiggly and content was better than wiggly and upset! Dr. Sutton and I met afterwards and he surprised me by saying we should do surgery in November or December. Calvin is 3 months and they like to do it between 4 and 6 months and there is nothing to gain by waiting any longer (according to the doctor). Calvin's VSD (ventricular septal defect) is 12mm, or about a half an inch. Wow! That is big and Dr. Sutton said so too, but that does not cause extra alarm to him.

Some good news is, his aorta is not narrowed, which can be an issue, and his mitral valve, which is between the left ventricle and left atrium (top and bottom on left side) is working well and will just need a couple of stitches. The VSD, ASD (atrial septal defect) and mitral valve = Complete AV Canal defect (CAVC). Those 3 are the common issues (something new to me yesterday). The VSD will be patched with Dacron (spelling?) and the ASD with tissue that lines Calvin's heart. Any questions students? I hope not, because I am still learning, too. Well hey, I guess I will find out how the ticker works after all. It is nothing short of a miracle that he can have his fixed!

Dr. Sutton will have him in on next Thursday's conference with the other cardiologists and surgeons, and then he will call me. From there we will schedule the date. More news is to come.


  1. Gabriel had his AVSD heart surgery when he was six months old feb. 2009. If you have any questions please feel free to ask, what answers I don't have I am more than willing to find someone who knows the answer.

  2. erinelisepurdy at gmail dot com

  3. You know Sean just had his surgery (just shy of 3 mos). His vsd was 9mm. If you have questions, ask away. It was so difficult for me to try to memorize everything the drs were telling me. I told them to just give me the cliff notes so I'd know what was important to focus on.