Monday, October 18, 2010

Again and again and again!

I have started and deleted quite a few posts because I have not had time to finish them. It has been very busy around here for about a month and it was catching up with me in a negative way. My mood was low, along with my energy and my milk supply. Sooooo, I slept in until 8 yesterday and took a day with my mom and sister, Katie. We shopped and laughed and ate. It was long overdue. I came home and the boys were still alive and well. Imagine that ;)

Our internet is also a pain. I'll start downloading pictures and the connection will drop so I have to start over, again and again. We have to do something about that, it drives me crazy! Unfortunately I do not know what to do about it. Joe has spent time trying to figure it out (a lot of time) and came up with the idea it is our MacBook. Anyone know anything about that??? So, that is another deterrent to these posts. It takes a lot of my time to keep re-doing the downloads, or uploads I suppose. Seriously, if anyone has any ideas for us, please help! We use wireless and have Frontier. Could it be our server box (if that is what it is called, I am not very technology savvy)?

Anyways, I hardwire the darn thing and it works but it's inconvenient. I know a lot about inconveniences and well, they are not that bad. Life goes on, and if we choose a positive attitude, it sails on, right? I thought so.

Remember this white tongue on Calvin? Well, I thought it was 'growing' whiter so I started once again to treat with the prescription, Nystatin. That would have been the 4th or 5th round of that junk. Yeah, my opinion, junk. Thrush is a yeast and yeast feeds off sugar. Nystatin has in it...sugar! So, the good Online Ds group (see link to right) mamma's introduced me to Gentian Violet. Found at your local drug store, Gentian Violet is a mess but it worked, and fast! 7 applications, 12 hours apart, and we have a tongue as pink as the day he was born. I also doubled up on Cal's probiotic and am washing hands often and boiling bottles and pacifiers. I also picked up grapefruit seed extract (GSE) to use because Gentian Violet is not to be overused! GSE has many great uses, check it out! I got it at a local health food store for about 8 dollars and it should be the only bottle I'll ever have to buy.

Speaking of supplements. Calvin also started NuTriVene-D and NuTriVene Longvida Curcumin. These supplements can be thought of as super antioxidants. Not much time to get in to that here, but maybe in the future. Anyways, baby's fussing, time to go. Have a great week!
(you can *barely* see the violet tongue in 4th picture)

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