Friday, October 22, 2010

Is this enough?

A quick thought, or question maybe:
Am I being ignorant here? I feel like 95% of the people who have come into my life accept Calvin and yet I read so much about people with Ds not being accepted into mainstream life (in other countries) or struggling with people reacting negatively to their child with Ds. I guess I am super fortunate and blessed to be surrounded by so many supportive and loving people, or am I wrong and more people are unaccepting (is that a word)? So many bloggers promote awareness much more than I do. I do not do this (blog that is) to do that in a direct manner, but rather to just show how life is pretty normal around here. Is that promoting awareness in a way? If you were to have a child with Ds now, would it seem less scary or sad? If so, then I am promoting awareness. Will you look at someone with Ds with more respect? If so, then I am promoting awareness. I am becoming aware through having Calvin: I am less scared and sad and have more respect for people with disabilities. Okay, I'm tired, but I just wonder if I'm naive and it will hit me. Sure, some people (thinking mainly of one of the nurses in the NICU) were pretty rude, but not anyone that matters to me! :) Thanks for that and hugs to you.

By the way Carri, I just remembered I was supposed to say "bye" to you, 3 weeks ago, oops. "Bye".


  1. Ilisa, I think God knows I need to grow up in this area, and that's why He's sending me some tests! ;) B/c so far I haven't gotten all the positive reactions from strangers other moms have talked about.

  2. After the video under "adoption", I know the answer to my own post is "NO". Thanks Susanna for linking me up to that blog posting, it is very sad. I think God gave me Calvin to grow up in many ways as well, and I am continuing to struggle. Take his feedings for instance, a huge struggle in my mind and over my emotions.