Friday, October 1, 2010

Let us celebrate!

Happy Down syndrome awareness month! It is also weigh-off month and we have reason to celebrate both! Joe brought 2 of his beasts to Nekoosa, WI for the Central WI Pumpkin Growers weigh-off. He and his local buddies, Chris and John, implanted themselves in 4th, 2nd, and 1st place, respectively. Congrats to the New Richmond growers! John grew the new state record, as well! Joe had that one year for part of the day until another grower beat him by just a few pounds (2003, 1056 #'s) The boys will be busy next weekend, hosting their club's (St Croix Growers Association) weigh-off in Stillwater, MN. Congrats Joe! I am extremely happy for you to have all your hard work pay off, and pay off with a new personal best: 1349.5 lbs! This should be a great amount of fuel to fire motivation for next year!

I'll be back with more on Down syndrome!

Nolan is like most other boys, enthralled with large motorized vehicles! He helped Grandpa dump a load of gravel
...that was soon to be a new favorite place to play, of course!

Children truly amaze me as Nolan did when he took it upon himself to don Evan's bicycle helmet when playing on the 4-wheeler. None of us wear them when we go out for little rides around here, he has seen that somewhere else and I'm not sure where, yet.
My musician...
I borrowed my childhood quilt to this hidden pumpkin. I'm not sure which of my grandma's made it for me, one put the ties in the middle and the other on the corners. I think Grandma Ajer made this one, right Mom?
We had a harvest hoopla to celebrate the end of the growing season. I hope your journey was delightful, Joe!
People, like Aunt Pat, cannot get enough of Calvin. More on this phenomenon in my next post.

The kids enjoyed playing with each other until after dark. Evan was laying down on the bench in the garage so I knew it was time for bed. He was out within minutes of hitting his pillow (so to speak since he refuses to use a pillow).

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