Sunday, October 24, 2010

Week 13, Turning 3 months!

There is a familiar feel as I bounce Calvin on the exercise ball, something I did for hours upon hours with Evan and Nolan. Calvin is getting bigger! I weighed him on Friday and he was 9lbs 10.5oz, which was a half a pound more than a week and half earlier!

Calvin is smiling more, though not as much as I'd like :( But, I'll be patient with him. He definitely likes to look around at toys and try batting at them. He is getting better at making contact with them. His hands are together and in his mouth more, too.

We visit the cardiologist on Wednesday morning. I believe he will be having another ECG (echo cardiogram) and I have a feeling Dr. Sutton will suggest waiting until after the new year since his weight is going up nicely. I have mixed feelings about that.

Calvin now eats 6-7 times a day, usually about 21-22 ounces a day. His food is still slightly thickened by guar gum. I use about 1/8tsp per 3 ounces and let that thicken for roughly 15 minutes. Calvin is doing okay with that. I am still nervous about aspiration though. We'll work that out as we get there. That is all that is new with that little man.
We carved pumpkins for the first time (yeah, we grow them but never carve them). We took some of Joe's large ones to Grandma Linda's and carved over there. Nolan did not care much, but Evan enjoyed it. He wanted to carve his how Joe and I carved ours. Nolan was more into his baby doll. It is a good thing he has those dolls to carry around. It is my hope that he will use them to experiment on instead of Calvin.

We are having lots of fun with the boys and I wish I could remember more of the cute things they say so I could post them on the "Out of the mouth of babes" page, but I always forget. It's my "mommy brain".

We are nursing colds around here. I thought I was going to get away without it since it has been about a week and a half since Nolan came down with it, but no such luck. I started getting a runny nose and sore throat Saturday night :( I do not like being sick, especially when sleep is disturbed. I have to say though, I am double dosing the vitamin C and I am about 80% healthy again.

Speaking of healthy, I am working hard to improve this area of our household, starting with focusing on eliminating dairy from Nolan's diet. There are a few things going on that make me suspect a sensitivity to it and it will be very hard to address but I want to give it a week and see how those symptoms are at that time. Diet is the most important and controllable aspect of our health, yet one of the most difficult. We'll see how this goes. (I started reading Skinny B**ch, by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin. It has extremely racy language, but the message is blunt and in my opinion, pretty useful - the trick is to get past the language. It is kind of funny, too).

I'm signing off and going to join the boys in watching Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Evan giggles when he watches Snoopy!
Picture this in 18 years. I know, Evan will have his license before then but I'm not sure I ever want him to drive;)

Nolan and his doll.

Incase you doubted Nolan's boyhood, he is a match for his older brother. And, I know, I should be better and not let them wrestle on the couch.

Calvin was crabby for his monthly photo shoot and would not look at the camera.

Pumpkin carving time!

Nolan and Calvin were occupied with other "people".

"Ooo, aah".

Evan came to me while I was holding Calvin. He pointed at Calvin and said, "That guy is the sweetest." Nothing but love. I guarantee you Evan sees no difference.

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  1. Just wanted to comment on the wrestling on the couch.... yeah, being home with all these little animals everyday I allow some wrestling too.... usually all 3 kids are jumping on Addison's bed and usually a few crashes are involved too. Oh well, pick your battles! :)