Wednesday, November 17, 2010

2 days Post Op

First, I must say that I am loving blogging. It is fun. I am discovering that we are all more alike than different! I know that is vague. I'll explain another time. Okay, maybe I'll explain now. I have been able to start relationships with other people who have blogs. Comments (you know, that spot at the end of the blog that no one seems to notice?) on some of them are really delayed interactions and I got myself involved in one with her family, one that reminds me of my own - sarcastic, funny, caring, and...funny. I like that. By the way, I do not feel sorry for myself for not getting many comments, but I thought I'd point out that I often hear crickets when I come to check if anyone has anything they'd like to say, even if it's "suck it up Sally". Wow, I'm feeling a bit sarcastic this evening, maybe it's the lack of sleep and added stress.

Okay, next...Calvin. Calvin is 2 days post op and making huge gains. He ate 3 ounces today. No, it was not perfect. But, when I left, he was content. So, I'm taking it and praising God for all He has done for Calvin.

When I got in this morning, I was informed that Cal had a rough night and even pulled his arterial line out (on his right wrist). He had an NG tube in to suck out the bile in his tummy (yuck). He was bloated. Well, the consensus with the doctors, nurses, and I was that he should get off as many meds as possible. So, when I left tonight, he was only on tylenol, lasix, sodium, potassium, and saline solution to keep him hydrated until he's eating more.

The best part was/is that Calvin is acting more like himself. Oh wait, the best part was that I got to snuggle with him for a couple of hours today. Even Grandma Jo Jo had a turn. Tomorrow there will be lots of extra snuggles cuz lots of extra people are going to visit him. Well, maybe just a few. Okay, I can tell it's time to get to bed. I'll post more tomorrow! Thanks much for all the prayers, God is good!

Calvin did not stop as much to breathe while he ate his 2 ounces!
I think he held his head up better than he has yet? Could that be?


  1. OOOOOOH Calvin- I wish I could come visit you!!! Your eyes are adorable!! We are all praying for you, little man- get all better soon!! oxox

  2. My goodness Calvin looks spectacular two days post-op!! SO happy to read these updates..the eating will improve-hang in there mama!!

  3. Praying for you, sweet Calvin, that you will recover quickly!

  4. I am so glad you are enjoying blogging! I come out to yours all the time to see how things are going. I hope tonight is a better night for baby Calvin. I am happy to hear that he's acting more like himself. Let me know if you need anything at all.