Saturday, November 20, 2010

4 days Post Op

It is hard to believe Calvin went into surgery just 4 short days ago. He is off all assistance and his pacer wires were pulled. Cal's oxygen saturation levels stayed in the low to mid 90's unless he was kicking around, which then they were in the upper 80's. The cardiologist wants them above 85, so we're good.

The best news of the day (next to his improved chest xray and lack of other assistance) is that Calvin passed his swallow study! Even as I type this I feel a bit of disbelief.

I have not felt sorry for myself for everything that has been given to me with Calvin, but it was hard. It has been a long road and I feel safe saying that now that we/he has seen improvements. Being a parent to a child with extra needs can be draining. However, I don't feel sorry for myself because the next thoughts are: he is so content and easy going, any baby is draining in ways, I love him, etc. So, as you can tell, there really isn't anything to dwell on, but much to rejoice!

Thank you for your prayers. I will be finding out if he comes home today. All that hinges on how he ate over night and whether or not his chest xray shows improvement since yesterday's. The next update I have will likely be to say he is home, how great is that?! Praise God!

Oh, sorry for the lack of pictures, I'm feeling too lazy but I'll get them up when my life is not so busy. I could sure use some sunlight and down time at home. I don't know how I did it with the NICU stay. I never want those days again.

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  1. praise the lord he is doing well.! sorry I missed these lasts posts of yours. It is so hard for me to see him in those wires...Can't wait to see more of him home!!