Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Another big day

Today is the day. No more bottles and hopefully no more pumping. I'm giving it a go and I'm scared and worried that Calvin will not get enough to eat. However, I am keeping Esther close and reminding myself that there are lots of babies with Ds whom nurse very successfully, and do so right after heart surgery. One mom I've connect with on the online Ds community board (link to right) still nurses her almost 2 year old heart baby with Ds and did so right after the chest tubes came out.

Some babies with Ds nurse fine while most others need help in the beginning. Either they tend to be weak suckers, sleep a lot, aspirate, or tire too quickly. But, for those of us who are willing to stick it out, it can be a success. I was thinking this morning that many nursing relationships end before or around the age Calvin is just beginning. Side note: Calvin turned 4 months old yesterday!

If you have any prayers left for Calvin and I, I would ask that you pray for guidance to help us through this journey. Breast feeding is very beneficial to babies and even more so to those with special needs such as Ds. And, as you know, I want the best for Calvin. Thank you!

Have a happy Thanksgiving - I have to write a list of my thanksgivings...there are so many!

Here are some pictures I am behind on posting: our first snow day 1.5 weeks ago (sounds like we have more coming) and Nolan with his famous fake glasses that he wears so often...

No, I do not encourage this, nor do I stress over it. This is the boy who has eaten his fair share of sand and dirt (amongst other things).

Eating snow was Nolan's favorite winter activity last year and seems to have made a quick return...

The snow was actually like ice pellets and Nolan cried when he was out in it (I wanted a picture of the boys with the snowmen Evan and I made).
Yes, the one on the left is missing a head, it never got one either.

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  1. Adorable pics. Meredith has eaten Coney Island sand more times than I can count. That thought gets me by most days when she's doing something I think is gross. He can & he will nurse. And as time goes by you will not worry so much if he is getting enough, but wonder where he stores it all. Then you'll wonder how in the world he developed a preference for "straight from the tap" milk. I promise. And if you ever need reassurance, I'm here.