Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Baby It's Warm Outside

Wow is this weather great or what? 60 today, and lots of sun to boot.

I'm pretty sure the boys were the crabbiest they've been in a while when it was their bedtime last night. Yeah, the time change is big, their decisions to not nap is huge (hey, I attempted), and lots of outside time is grande! Joe and I tried our darnedest (I didn't know that was an actual word until spell-check left me alone) to "smile and wave" when we were either holding Nolan down for his diaper and tooth-brushing or listening to Evan cry about, well, I can't actually remember why but he had many melt-downs yesterday (another story), or Nolan cry (for 15 minutes straight)because he wanted to take a bath, not a shower. Yes, when we are short on time as we were last night, the boys usually take a shower with their dad and I can stand there with a towel acting like a goalie, a receiver, or a combo of both. Well, maybe I'll be able to sleep in a bit this morning. That is a big MAYBE, because the littlest dude is pretty well tuned to the clock and is getting up at the old times. Life is great isn't it? I mean it, I really do enjoy being a mom, it's my favorite role next to being a wife. Both come with a lot of work and sometimes people get to hear me vent about them, but I wouldn't trade either for any.

Right after I took this picture I yelled to Evan to put his socks and shoes back on. I didn't even bother with coats or hats because those come flying off them even when it's only 40 out. I choose to not put energy into some of those things, but it was not that warm out and I didn't want monkey to do what monkey saw. (monkey is in the wagon in case you're confused)

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