Monday, November 1, 2010

Mega Monday

Yes, still magnetic!
Oh my!
We had a very busy weekend and I'm finding it harder and harder to keep up. I think that has a lot to do with Calvin. He is awake more and is starting to practice nursing a few times a day. He is surprising me with how well he's doing with it!

The boys skipped naps yesterday, so at 2:45 I took them all on a walk to my parents. The weather was awesome and it felt good to get in the extra couple of miles. They were all wearing their costumes already and we had a neighbor chase us down on his 4-wheeler to give the older 2 candy bars. He said they don't get many Trick-or-Treaters and saw us go by! Too funny. Then, my dad took them to their neighbors and wanted to take them into town. I think he was as excited as them. They did really well Trick-or-Treating. Nolan fell quite a few times but popped right back up. He wore the cow Evan did 3 years ago. Calvin scored one piece of candy. Evan was a giraffe yet again. He wore the same costume last year. I gave him a choice of 3 different costumes but he knew right away what he wanted and wants me to get him a bigger giraffe for next year. In case you forget, giraffes are and always have been Ev's favorite animal. He might be a bit OC (obsessive compulsive) like his mom.

We are very grateful for everyone's generosity. It takes about 4 stops to gather as much as it took me the whole neighborhood. I think that has to do with the boys' relatives ;)

Calvin was awake so much this weekend that he fell asleep under the play-mat while I cleaned up the kitchen and again this afternoon as I folded laundry! He is just so sweet! All my boys are.

I could not stop smiling about my boys being dressed up to go for a walk!

The cub going in to hibernation:


  1. Ilisa, I love that poochy lip picture! Soooo cute!

    And I'm so relieved and happy for your sake to hear that you're trying the nursing and that your little guy is cooperating! YAY, YAY, YAY!!!

  2. Love the costumes, they are such adorable boys! You can see how in love Grandpa Ray is with Calvin. So Sweet!

  3. Your little guy is just adorable! I love that second picture down, makes me want to kiss him better:)

  4. Those pics of Calvin frowning make me actually frown when I see them! He's so cute! I want to snuggle with him!!!!