Friday, November 12, 2010


What a long day. I am exhausted. Joe has been out of town for a couple of days and I've been non-stop. It took too long to get to Children's in Minneapolis. The GPS was messed up (I think I said another word because I was getting impatient) and I finally shut the thing off. It was easy to get there and easy to get out of once we got it figured out. So, now I know. (By the way, I feel in a fog right now, so hopefully this makes sense - I have to delete and delete and delete as I type because my brain is not functioning at even 90%).

So, we get there and meet with Dr. Sutton after doing a quick weight and height check and an EKG to measure his heart rhythms (too lazy to look it up). His weight there was 10.10 and I'm not sure but 1 lb gain in 2 weeks?? Plus, a weight yesterday on a different scale and he was 10 even? Well, the gal said it could be water retention which would be another sign of further/developing heart problems. Okay, that is backwards from my thinking! Anyways, I don't have energy to analyze that. Calvin had another chest x-ray and I'm bummed I never heard or remembered to ask how that was. Then, we moseyed over from the new Specialty Clinic to Children's and had to meet with an ICU nurse to do intake questions and such and go over details. Calvin had blood drawn (an ordeal and I eventually left to get my pump and hoped I'd get back to it being over with, which it was). All his lab work was excellent! Even blood glucose - regarding the Guar in a previous post. Yay! Poor kid was not happy and was very tired. We toured the cardiac ICU and I must say, wow! Much more fancy than the NICU in St Paul. Bigger rooms with a tv and xbox and bathroom. Hmm, I'm too tired. I think that covers it. We didn't get home until 7:45pm - 8 hrs after leaving for the place! This is still surreal to me and it's just a strange position to be in. Who'd have thought that this world is full of stuff such as this?


  1. Glad that part's over and that he's been cleared for his surgery. Have a great weekend. Snuggle him extra tight and Monday will be here before you know it. Then you can move passed this hurdle. You guys are in my thoughts & prayers.

  2. Stay strong and remember you have a lot of support and positive thoughts and prayers going your way.