Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Little Cliff is so adorable. I first saw him here. This is a blog (to love the unloved) started by 4 teenage (maybe very early 20's) girls who are spread across the country and are connected to either a sibling or cousin who have Down syndrome. If you go to that site Cliff is in the bottom left-hand side of the title picture. Then, I don't know how (cannot remember) but I stumbled upon life.rearranged and there he was.

I seriously have not done anything towards adoption, so please don't misinterpret my intentions. However, he would be it, if I were (huge sigh). But, I'd like to see him have a loving family, so I am going to be donating towards his adoption fund. Then, my family (in-laws as well) is going to also donate towards Olga (visit A Perfect Lily to read about the excitement surrounding her adoption funds, and to get to know Lily and her family). I may even find another child or two.

I could not think of anything important to ask for to celebrate Christmas, then I thought about these little kids who NEED families. They NEED them. Christmas around here is about wants. "I want clothes (though my closet is full)." "I want an IPod (though I received one 3 years ago)." "I want a Wii (though I have other game systems)." That is what kept going through my mind. (Well, I did not want any of those things but you get my meaning) So, the lightbulb went off regarding these donations, and I am pleased to be thinking about people, instead of things. How about you? Do you NEED what you asked for this Christmas? If you are feeling the way I am, please think about Cliff and Olga and click on Cliff's picture on the right to donate. This will lead you to Reece's Rainbow.

I do have lots more to say about Cliff, and adoption. But this has been long enough. AND, I promise I'll post pictures in the next day or 2 (we have plenty of snow pics coming). Oh, Cliff's birthday is March 30, 2010. The same day as Evan's....a very exciting day filled with lots of sweet memories. I wonder what Cliff's mom feels about that day. It breaks my heart. I hope he wasn't taken from her (that happens you know, some parents do not even get to choose whether or not they get to raise their child with a disability).


  1. Cliff is such a little love! I've seen his adorable picture on Reece's Rainbow and thought that someone is going to snatch him up quickly.

    I love your Christmas present idea. So sweet!

  2. sooo....did you know Mackenzie (in the video) is my daughter? She's 18 :) I'm pretty proud of her!

  3. Yes, and she is amazing and very pretty! You have a wonderful family!