Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's been a while...

Now that I am not pumping regularly, I do not sit down at the computer often and therefore do not post as much as I'd like. So, I'll try to get in as much info without it being a book, cuz if you're like me, you don't have time for that!

The Kalahari was fun, but too short for such a long drive. Calvin was such a good buddy. He laid next to me during the typing of the previous post and fell asleep. What a sweetie.
It has been obvious that we have not had a regular schedule for weeks (surgery was 3 weeks ago, then Thanksgiving weekend full of activities, all followed by the trip...). Kids have been whiny! Calvin continues to sleep through the night though and I'm still waking him in the morning to eat. He is improving with nursing which is exciting because it is so good for his oral development and exactly what we wanted for him. I think he appreciates the closeness and extra time in mommy's arms.

Ugh, I am reading my Magic Lantern book to figure out how to get better pics in low-light settings. I do not like flash but then end up with a blur...any ideas? Feel free to share, I am new at this. I will look up video tutorials, I do so much better with people than words on paper.

We took a trip to the dentist yesterday and Calvin now has oral orthotics. I'm not sure about these yet...I admit. I want to fully believe they will help Cal's development, but it's strange to think these two little items can do that. They are flexible and stay in okay with Polydent, or Polysure, whatever it's called (not able to check right now). The idea behind them is they change the natural posture of the tongue, bringing it up and out of the airway, allowing increased oxygenation. Now, I'd like an oximeter (instrument to test O2 levels) to confirm that. The cost was $750.00, I was wrong about that earlier. Each follow-up is $85.00. Stress, stress, stress! It's one thing to spend lots of money on stuff you know helps, another when you don't really know...I'm giving it a fair chance since I do not have people out there whom have paved my way.
As I prepared for the trip to the dentist, I became joyful. I knew they'd want a full update. The last time I was there was just before combating thrush and an infected eye; thickened foods; blood pressure meds; not nursing (or even latching); no supplements; OHS. Lots and lots of change. He is so healthy! It is truly a success story and I am so pleased. Life is settling down and I am so grateful for this because I know how fragile children's health is.

This is all I'll type for tonight. I am tired and I said I'd keep it short (well, it's sort of short). Plus, pictures are more fun anyway!!


  1. Your babies are so darn cute i just love all the pictures. I am so glad to hear the Clavin is doing great, I am praying for him all the time; and You.

  2. Oh my look at the pudgy face on your Calvin! loving it! Glad to see you all had a nice time! xo