Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Kickin' back at the Kalahari

Hey, what are you doing?

I'm on vacation, with you Calvin! We are in Wisconsin Dells at the Kalahari Resorts. I have a work conference these next two days and you are going to join me. Your brothers are coming in the morning with Dad. Right now you're lying at my left looking around the room and at me. You have been the best traveling buddy ever! You went 3 hours on the ride here...without making a peep except to play. You nursed (you've been exclusively nursing for one week, yay!) and then came with me to the fitness room where I ran on the treadmill. I brought the playmat and boppy down and you did tummy time and I turned you over in the middle of my workout. AND, you were happy as can be, again! By the way, you rock at tummy time when you have a reason to lift your head up. I made it so you could see me in the mirror and boy did you have that head up, you precious boy!

After I showered, you nursed some more before joining me for my dinner (and dessert, I know, I shouldn't have but hey, I'm on vacation!). We are back at the room and waiting to join a couple of my co-workers for a pre-conference meeting. Mrs. Becker called first dibs on you and has to resist all temptation to squeeze you!

Well, besides this trip, you also visited the cardiologist this morning. You were not too thrilled with the EKG and chest xray. There were so many people coming to see you, you are a rock star there, or a heart star maybe. Either way, you are so special...and cute! Okay, back to the point here...

Your chest xray looks great and your lasix is down to 2 doses per day instead of 3. Your heart is the normal/correct size now, your liver is not enlarged, your lungs look awesome (also a note in regards to aspiration - if you were, they wouldn't be clear), Dr. Sutton could not hear a murmur or a valve leak, AND, and, and, oh, you gained a nice amount of weight. Your discharge weight 1.5 weeks ago was 10lbs 2 ounces and you are at 10lbs 11 ounces. The nurse got a length of 24 inches and you were 22 at your pre-op, though I'm not sure she was too accurate, but say you're even 23, that's an inch! Yay Calvin! Yay God! So many prayers answered and I am just sitting back enjoying you.

So, get this...Dr. Laughlin from Health Centered Dentistry went ahead and ordered you some oral orthodontics (like mouth guards) back when we first took impressions of your mouth for that whole Oral Systemic Balance thing (I know, not very impressive language here, but you can read more about that in this post and/or check out the link to the right). So, we're going to give them a try. He said he realizes finances are a bit tight (he said a bit, I say a bunch, but you get the point) so he said we can pay whatever we want/can. They are about $2000 if I remember correctly. Wow, what a wonderful man he is. We'll try them and give more updates on that later. My shoulders hurt from laying on my tummy on the bed while I type. Next post will likely include you sitting by the pool. Oh, you had your steri-strips removed by Dr. Sutton today, so you are a free man (those are the strips that went across your incision to help hold it nice and tight).

You gave Dr. Sutton a nice smile before we left. That was kind of you, I love your smile and so did he. Okay bud. Have a fun time at the resort!

Pictures from the past week:
Ev with Uncle Tim. Timmy got a buck!
Where there's Calvin, you're sure to find Nolan...

Hey there bubba! When I get motivated (i.e. time) I'll scan some pics of Ev as a baby and we'll do some comparing cuz I have a feeling you'll be surprised!

Nolan looks so innocent here, but wait, there's more...
Mom, watch this, look what I do to Evan...

I don't think so!

I can hear the sound of motors...

The boppy is a good tool for helping little ones with Ds. Calvin's low tone makes it more difficult but the incline adds a nice assist. He is lifting his cute bitty head up even nicer than this...but I didn't get my camera in time.


  1. Wow!!! Yay God is right!! Nursing exclusively-- that is AMAZING! Way to persevere. Have a great weekend. :) I'm glad he's doing so well and that the dr appt went well too. Awesome stuff!

  2. That's wonderful that Calvin is nursing now! And, I'd love to hear more about his oral orthodontics after you start using them. I've never heard about this before, but it sounds interesting.

  3. Thanks Susie! He is doing well, though not as efficient or as big an eater as the other 2, so I still pump a few times because I produce so much more than he takes...

    Elisabeth, I go to the dentist on Tuesday, so I'll make sure to post about it and feel free to ask any question you have. I am hoping this helps his oral development.

  4. Congratulations on the nursing success! That is such good news. As someone with a child with DS who hasn't exactly started, its very encouraging.

    Babycenter Mom