Sunday, December 19, 2010


Please pray for Max and his family. Max is about Calvin's age. His mom, Melissa, contacted me regarding his feeding issues. Her most recent post strikes a chord in me. I remember those super stressful feeding days. It is so hard to explain what it's like to not have your baby even be able to drink milk from a bottle. There are so many possible factors that play into it. I pray Melissa can get a break from this and have a bottle baby (or nursing baby if that is her desire), not a tube baby. She wanted to nurse like me. Max needed OHS, like Calvin. Max and Calvin have 2 year old siblings that are a day apart. She was right when she said we have a lot in common.

This all brings up the book that I just read (I am pretty sure I have read more books this year than I have in the previous 30 years of my life - and yes, I'm 31, for those of you doing the simple math!). This book is extra special because Susanna, Verity's mom, sent it to me. Wrestling With An Angel by Greg Lucas: A Story of Love, Disability and the Lessons Of Grace. It was a quick, easy read. Mr. Lucas is the father of an adult son (18-20 years old I figure) whom started having seizures when he was a year old. Those seizures left the young man with physical and mental disabilities. However much we may want our lives to be easier, we are brought closest to God in times of great despair. That is what I learned the most with all of this. My greatest despair with Calvin was his feedings.

He eats well now. Not perfectly or as efficiently as his older brothers, but I am always saying 'thank you' to God and those of you who have prayed for his health. In a weird way, I have struggled with guilt over this. I just know how blessed we are to not have to stress over his health and feedings. I wish no one did. However, I am not going to just look the other way now. I am going to offer as much help and support to those who need it.

Again, thank you for all your support and prayers. Not a day goes by without reflection.

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