Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Win an IPAD!

Lily's mamma, Patti, is hosting another give away...this time for an iPad! Please visit her blog here to find out how to enter. Patti found an orphaned girl who will be going into an institution very soon. Her name is Kareen. Kareen was born January of 2007, so she will be 4 next month. Going to an institution is a death sentence for many children. It is so sad it hurts. Take a moment and imagine yourself at the age of 4, in an orphanage, then transfered to an institution where there are only new faces and poor conditions to live in. It is not fair...I think of how scary this must be for a young child.

Kareen is the other child who will receive $$ from me today. The next time I blog, my family will have donated $200.00 towards children with Reece's Rainbow. To visit Reece's Rainbow, click on the picture in the right column, "My Cliff". Thank you, and good luck winning the iPad! The real winner will be Kareen!


  1. You can get 10 entries!! I got 4, I donated 100 to Kareen, 50 to Olga, and 50 to Cliff! Comment here if you donate! I want to know. I hope there are lots of comments.

  2. YOU ARE FABULOUS, GIRL!!!! oxoxoxPatti