Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another little boy

After reading Patty's blog for a few months now, it is hard to know when she wants something, and not help her out. The thing is, what she wants is not for herself, it's for others. She wants to see children like this boy have a family. He is a real child and needs, NEEDS, a family. I post these things on here hoping that the more people who see this, the more likely he will get what he needs. If you feel so inclined, or heartbroken as I do, please pass the word: (Also, Olga is back on the waiting list. Her prospective family had something happen, halting their process...):
Meet Peter: (according to Patty, "Andrea personally asked me to advocate for Peter...In her own words, 'Peter has been listed with us nearly his whole life. I am surprised he is still alive. Not a soul has ever inquired about him. We have never had a good picture of him. So my prayer is that some visibility on your blog will help truly save his life'."
Boy, Born February 20, 2007
New picture from July 2010
Peter is a darling little boy with brown hair and brown eyes. He has so much to bring to a family, but he was born with multiple challenges in addition to his Down syndrome. From his medical records: severe delay of stato-motor development, congenital heart disease(ventricular septal defect with high degree of pulmonary hypertension), condition after closing of patent ductus arteriosus and coning of pulmonary artery, retinal angiopathy, farsightedness, nystagmus
Peter needs a family right away, so his medical complications can be addressed by US physicians, and he can finally begin to live life as he should! Please give Peter this opportunity!!
I have $2454.5 in my grant fund towards the cost of my adoption!

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  1. You are the sweetest friend, thank you for blogging about Peter, Ilisa!