Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Calvin John

I have to admit, I have had moments when I wondered whether or not to shut this down. Stop posting, be done with this blog business.
Why? Calvin was born and had his surgery and we made it. Now, what's the big deal?
Okay, I know it is not that simple.
I am getting used to this life with him, because I take it one day at a time, careful not to look too far into the future and start the "what if"'s.
(He is the calm, amongst the storm)
Believe me, I start those. Then, I tell myself to stop or I tell myself to play fair. For example: "What if I cannot let Calvin play outside without being right beside him, until he is 10, or OLDER?!" Fair: "What if my baby wasn't sleeping through the night right now?" It is only fair to focus on the positive as much as the negative.
My most recent prayers consist of "give me a positive outlook, keep me in the light, not the dark."
(Brushfield spots - the ring of white dots in the iris)
Remember this post?
I think God gives me loads of opportunities to choose a positive attitude AND show it others. That is why I will continue with the blog.
It occurred to me yesterday, as I was perusing through other people's posts, blogs help me look at this in the positive light, and I realized I am now a part of that community.


  1. good point! that's why I started...I figured if people like you were helping me, then maybe my ramblings could help someone else too. Or at least it would be a place to point to others to the really helpful blogs :)

  2. I love the close-up picture of Calvin. His eyes are so beautiful!

  3. I know you see it, but... He is so amazingly beautiful!! I just can't get enough of that little face.