Saturday, January 1, 2011

Evan Joseph

2/24/11: Nolan calls Evan "Ennon". Evan is a bright boy. He is bossy and demanding but listens very well when redirected. He is reserved and cautious. Evan looks up to his dad very much. He is a caretaker of his brothers and his mom when she needs it. He is known to share his 'gee gee' when others are in need of comfort.

1/15/11: Evan has beautiful eyes, like the other boys. His are brown and green. He has made mention that since my eyes are blue, we see things differently.

Evan, his dad, and Grandpa Wayne went fishing last Thursday. Evan caught some fish with his Spiderman fishing pole. He was very proud of himself.

This is one huge stinker! Poor Nolan at the bottom of the pile (squashed by Evan and Cousin Nevaeh in San Clemente at Ann and Jim's house - Easter Day, the day we rode our first earthquake)!

You are one cool guy Evan! You look like you're ready for your Sr. pictures!

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