Monday, January 10, 2011

From a Distance

From a distance, I see a boy: If he turns to a particular angle, I can see something that at one time represented feelings of fear, disappointment, and sorrow. I can see he has Down syndrome. His little hands gripping one another, held close to his heart. It would take a strong force to pull them apart. They part ways suddenly as his curiosity gets the best of him and he reaches out to touch his dad’s face, his cousin’s hair, or his grandma’s necklace.

As I move closer and take him into my own arms, I look and see a boy. This boy, at this particular angle, does not appear to have Down syndrome. I know in my mind he does yet my eyes see him, not Down syndrome. I see his little nose, beautiful Brushfield spots in his eyes, reddish-blond hair, ears like his brother’s, chubby cheeks: I hear coo’s and if you bounce him just right he will giggle. That giggle is to be cherished because he does not giggle to just anything. Without knowing it, Calvin is a practical little boy who judges life to be exactly what it is. He does not demand if it is not needed; he gives when it is.

My sweet baby Calvin is more than most give him credit for. And just like those giggles, he has not yet shared that fact with just anyone. He shares it with those who are willing to know it.

He knows something as well. He knows many love him. Many who did not know exactly what a joy he could be. Some who were hesitant; some who were afraid, doubtful. Many of them now know.

From a distance, I see a past: If it turns to a particular angle, I can see my reflection. Someone I used to be.

As I move closer and take life into my own arms, I look and see something that represents joy and anticipation. I see a future.


  1. Beautiful. It's been my pleasure to share this journey so far with you.

  2. That was an amazing blog post Ilisa. I believe you are truly blessed with such a pure and innocent soul such as Calvin's. Continue to enjoy as all of us will while reading your posts.

  3. Really touching Ilisa! Even though it's not similiar situations with us, I typically feel stonger and more inspired after reading your blog.