Wednesday, January 12, 2011

guilt, with a hint of sarcasm

Parenting equals guilt (okay, not really, but today it did, for me, for too much time)
(disclaimer: this is not a pity me post)
Guilt I am not good enough
Guilt I do not do enough (this therapy thing can threaten to break the ice where it's thin, if-ya-know-what-I'm-sayin, and I'm also saying I'm o-so-grateful for therapy, all at the same time - yes, "I try to confuse" as Joe would say)
Guilt I could be spending more time with them
For them
with them
for them

You know, I think I'm over it

I do enough!
I do spend a good amount of time with them
am home with them - hello!!!!???? that should say enough
nurse them - well, not them, him
play Memory with them - not every day or anything
scold them - I admit it! I scold my kids now and then
feed them
clean them
read to/with them
plead with them
bribe them - as a wise woman once corrected me (Mrs. Becker), I reward them
change their diapers - yes, Evan's too, overnight ones still...
brush them - teeth AND bodies
bathe them
clothe them
wake them - Evan for school, Calvin for feedings
rock them - while singing, see, I AM multi-talented as well...
talk to them - you laugh? have you met Evan?
answer their questions - laugh?
redirect them
give them choices
kiss them
hug them

I do enough FOR them (for this one, I like to think about the amount of time in a day minus the amount of time I spend for myself...the rest equals them, and it's a large number, let me tell ya!)

Okay, see why I'm over it? Really. For those who challenge me is this area: read my lips and you'll know how much of what I say in a day is for and about my children. Darn it, I won't let people make me feel otherwise!

(I really am in a good mood, I wanted to clarify that...I needed to write it down is all, in case I ever need to remind myself, or remind others...just in case)

Good night!


  1. Funny, at MOPS this morning they talked about this exact thing-- QUIT with the guilt and just be happy with what we do.... :)

  2. Oh I feel you! I've so been there many many times. You ARE good enough :) But it is good to write it a matter of fact thanks for writing it down so I can come back and look at it too when I'm feeling now...for lacking in patience at the end of a long, long, long day.