Saturday, January 15, 2011

Information, edited

My goal with this blog is to update pages and links that will include information for new/expectant parents of children with Ds. So often, when I visit the online Ds pregnancy or Ds board, there are questions and I don't have the time to answer, or the energy, or I am plain old forgetting the details. However, I know that when I went through it, I wanted information and it was a big deal to me. So...that is my goal and you might see posts come through that are plain information. I'm doing that to create links. Bear with me. Correct? Bear, not Bare? I'm tired :(
I have updated the design and moved the pages/tabs to the top. One is now titled "Down syndrome Resource Center". This is where I will put in information specific to Down syndrome and what I've experienced and learned. It will take time, something I do not have a lot of except during this evening pumping session or during the day when the kids nap. Okay, now I'm laughing. Good night.

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