Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's Time to Celebrate!

Though it has not been the easiest week for me in regards to Calvin's diagnosis (maybe I'll get to another time...), it has, nonetheless, been one to celebrate. Calvin does not have to go back to the cardiologist until his birthday (which alone is a crazy thought). His heart looks normal, sounds normal, and is doing what it should. All the repairs looked great during his echo yesterday. Dr. Sutton feels pretty strongly that he should not need any further work. So, we'll see him when it's warm! Calvin was up from 10lbs, 11ounces to 11lbs, 9ounces (that's all nursing!).

Lets ask Calvin how he feels about all of this, shall we?


  1. What wonderful news! Looks like Calvin's pretty excited about it too.

  2. Awesome news! My boys are getting chubby too, all nursing except for 1 bottle at night but that's just cause they're twins and I needed a nightly break ;-)

  3. Love his peach fuzz hair, it almost looks like he's going for the mohawk look. So young, and already has a fashion statement!