Sunday, January 16, 2011


I take Calvin's supplementation very seriously. It is something I can control and help him with. Studies are showing that proper nutrition can have a significant correlation to neurological development of people with Down syndrome. Many people with Down syndrome develop symptoms much like that of Alzheimer's.

I would like to get this book: Down Syndrome and Vitamin Therapy by Kent Macleod. I think that might help us understand more about supplements and Down syndrome. We are using NuTriVene D, Longvida Curcumin, Nordic Natural's Baby DHA(with Vit D3), and Recolonize 1 probiotic which is high in Saccharomyces. Saccharomyces has shown to have positive results for yeast and fungal issues, such as thrush. Calvin has struggled with thrush. Recolonize is a product of Neuroscience, Inc...where Joe has worked for 11 years.

Another product Calvin takes is choline. Here is just one article addressing the connection between choline and Down syndrome.


I consider my supplements to be extremely important for Calvin, as I did with all the boys. It started before pregnancy, during, and then continued with nursing. Every day I take in Montmorency tart cherry juice concentrate, green tea extract, ground flax seed, omega fish oils, NanoGreens, prenatal multi vitamin, vitamin C, vitamin D3, and vitamin E.

There are many supplements that can be given. If it seems overwhelming, I think of it this way: high antioxidants!! There are many forms of antioxidants; and they are important for all of us. Did you know, Quercetin, an antioxidant, is also used as an antihistamine...allergies anyone?

I take all the supplements and when Calvin is on solids he will get some of them directly. I will edit this post and add more as I continue researching. I imagine this area will grow and change significantly over the next decade.


  1. Thank you for your post ... my daughter is just shy of three months and exclusively breastfed, but the peditatrician so far has us giving her D3 directly (I'm giving her 400mg every couple days - I need to remember daily). I'm taking a multi prenatal, omega 3 (3000 mg EPA and I think about 1500 mg DHA), B-complex and zinc. May I ask how much extra choline you take? Reading your link regarding choline, I find it fascinating that my body craved eggs and broccoli when I was pregnant. We did not know Kate would be born with Down syndrome when I was pregnant, but I definitely had cravings for things I never did when I was pregnant with my boys. Also, how old was Calvin when you started supplementing him directly with DHA? We also take supplementation very seriously (our boys take BrainChild Nutritionals multi vitamin & minerals as well as supplemental omega 3, B-complex and zinc), and I am continuing to learn what Kate may need in addition to that to optimize her long-term health.

  2. Im very interested & just started NVD...could you email me so I could ask a few questions?
    Thanks bunches

    Meagan (and baby Mason)