Thursday, February 24, 2011

7 months and...

I love babies playing with feet. Calvin started doing this just a few weeks ago, around the time he started rolling over. He rolls a lot, but just one way, which is a whole 'nother post...
Nolan was a kid who really liked a pacifier. He finds Calvin's once in awhile (Calvin does not really take it but we have one on standby). When Nolan gets it, he is a whole different kid. He is quiet and lays still! I admit I let him have it for a while when he finds it. "He is only 2.5" I tell myself. He is so sweet and might actually need the stimulation. When I tell him he needs to put it in the sink he walks right over and discards it. Then I hide it until the next time.

Yep, Evan's shirt is on backwards. Yep, he always wants to wear a Packer jersey these days, replacing his past favorite MarioKart shirt.PhotobucketCalvie's bitty head shadow, I tried getting his profile but the sun and clouds were wrestling Evan/Nolan style.

these 2 are buds

7 months and...sort of sitting (for 10-20 seconds at a time and getting better each day!)
PhotobucketPhotobucketI have been doing a lot of soul searching after my "this and that" post the other day. I feel like a schmuck. It absolutely makes no difference what he does and when as long as we're working on it and having fun doing so. It is not like we're just being lazy. Calvin has Trisomy 21 afterall! This is real scientific stuff we're up against here. I love Calvin. I think he is so neat. He works and grunts and smiles and keeps on amazing me. He is an awesome person.


  1. You are allowed to have those moments where you become frustrated with meeting milestones and start comparing to others. You would not be a good mom if you did not feel that way. God will truly teach you patience on your journey with Calvin, but do not forget He also teaches us that with all our children as well. Calvin is doing amazing...starting to sit up is great!!! He will be awesome because you care about him and will be there every step of the way to make sure he has every tool possible to be the best he can be!

  2. <3 Calvin and his brothers are just so sweet. I love the way your older son is paying with C.

  3. He is so stinking adorable!! Makes me want another boy!!!