Thursday, February 3, 2011

A girl named Lois

It's amazing how sad I can feel about a girl I never met. This is all over blogtown today and it is hard to imagine. So so sad.

I realize many of you readers only know a bit about Down syndrome through my lens. I try hard not to sugar coat or be Mrs. Gloom and Doom, cuz neither are the case. It is, however, a fact that there are many health concerns that come along with that extra chromosome on each and every cell. Take the 60% stat regarding heart conditions (and I question that because I'm just not sure if that means conditions requiring surgery, because many parents comment on small issues that resolve in time...), eye sight concerns, hearing, leukemia (gulp - 1 in 95), bowel issues, food sensitivities. The list goes on and on... That low muscle tone can contribute as well. Which by the way, explains Cal's larger tummy. I always wondered why people with Ds tend to have a bigger tummy and that is why. There you have it. Makes sense to me.

Well, off to the next project and then to bed early in case Calvin decides to grace me with his presence, again. I find a bit of comfort (but more discomfort) in knowing he is capable of destroying a good nights sleep.

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