Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A pain in the...

back. Okay. I said I'd post later about all of this. But there is progress. I'm heading in the direction of an MRI. Results to follow. Really? I cannot believe it. I never ever thought I'd have back trouble or any pain that wouldn't resolve itself with rest. To say I'm worried and bummed covers it. I went to the chiropractor today and told him EXACTLY what is going on and what I want done. I have had a spot on my spine that feels like someone whacked it with a hammer. It hurts when I bend forward and backward. I've been to physical therapy, had massages and adjustments, and nothing has worked. I thought I was noticing improvement but that was just my assuming it would be okay.

So, the chiropractor said it is likely something or another that I cannot remember (jammed facet joints is what I think). I asked about bulging disc. He doesn't think so from the way I describe it. He then said something like "unless there is something in there, like a tumor, or something, but I don't think so". Hmm. It is a bit like Calvin's first ultrasound all over again: "There is something different with his heart." So, I wasn't going to post all of that but there it is. It is hopefully not something serious, but at the same time I know something is going on that is beyond muscle pain.
Cal weighed 13 lbs, 2 ounces! Up quite a bit in 1.5 weeks. Still short though.

Also, Calvin is following up with his regular dr to get a referral to an ENT because of his audiology results from Tuesday. He passed the same 2 tests in the NICU twice. However, he failed his right side this time and there is fluid in there. He is coughing a bit still so I'm hoping it's just from that - very well could be. I had the option to go back to Children's to retest or see an ENT. I opted for the ENT incase further work is needed - then I can skip a step.

Calvin also needs a referral for physical therapy to target his head tilt:
It is a frustration to have so many appointments. I am running low here at home. I have been tired, frustrated, sad, worried. But, all that said, I have had some amazing help these past few days while Joe was/is in San Antonio. My parents showed up tonight to play. Joe's dad has been plowing. Joe's mom has been helping and offering to help more. And, the fact that I have a post shows I finally have a moment without a boy or 2, or 3. Me-time has been very short these days. I am trying to stay positive, slow down, and pay attention to life around me. No matter what is going on, I don't want to miss these boys grow and change. Photobucket Then, I want to spend some good time with that husband of mine when he returns. We have had a stressful few years and I cannot help but believe our time is coming. I know God doesn't work on statistics and equality of it all, but he does lay down a straight path.

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