Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Calling all puzzle lovers!

We love puzzles! Evan can help with 1,000 piece puzzles. He can put together his own 100 piece puzzles. He loves puzzles. He will be 5 in 3 weeks!

Chrissy, Katie, Mom, and I love puzzle time, too!

I love this puzzle:

Do you remember Cliff? What if I told you he has a family committed to adopting him?! Exciting huh?!! I am very excited and plain old happy. I have a 'thing' for Cliff because the puzzle picture reminds me so much of Calvin. Guess what? This is Cliff more recently:

Cliff has a new name, too: Joshua. Joshua's family is hosting the following fundraiser: click here for the puzzle fundraiser. The PROBLEM for you, READER, is this fundraiser ends on the 14th, which is Monday. SO, WE HAVE TO ACT FAST! And I mean fast. A recent post describes that his adoption could be brought to a halt in the near future (meaning he has to be saved NOW).

Joshua's mom picked out a 500 piece puzzle and is "selling" the pieces. As each piece is sold for $10, she is able to put the puzzle together. The puzzle will be hung in Joshua's room. Very nice idea. It looks like they have a long ways to go so please consider helping out by purchasing a piece or letting others know about the fundraiser. Both would be even better!

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