Monday, March 14, 2011

Come fly with me

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Okay, on to the next thing. I have been thinking A LOT about Calvin (just one of the many things on my mind). Should I be more concerned about him and his size and abilities?

The reason I ask is A) he is almost 8 months old and still in 3-6 clothes and not near filling them out B) he is not doing much large motor wise B) he is still not on solid foods

Wait, that was two B's. I am going to leave it that way because I really don't think I need to be worried. But, I don't want to be blind to anything either.
Calvin was evaluated by a physical therapist in the beginning of January. He scored fairly well and she decided against starting to work with him. So, the only therapy Calvin gets is Occupational Therapy. I'm honestly not even sure the exact difference between the two, OT and PT....I think it has to do with OT being focused on the overall well-being of Calvin.

Okay. So, Calvin's strengths are his curiosity and his fine-motor skills.

When I walk by things, Calvin is likely to turn and grab at things we're going by. He can grab stuff really quickly and enjoys looking and and playing with things.

He is not doing a whole lot in the large motor department. He rolls over, only one way on his own. He can sit unassisted for a very short pd of time. I think that is it.
So, my dilema has been about getting him more therapy. I have a referral from my doctor from that whole neck thing at the Down syndrome Clinic (he tilts his head). He does not have any issues though, but I am going to get a second opinion. The problem with OT is just that we have not had luck with his mood when she's here. He is crabby and ready for a nap. So, we're going to switch times starting next week. Other than that, she is really good and we've just been dealing with outside circumstances...
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  1. Miss K only gets OT too. I wonder the difference between OT and PT, at least for infants, too. It seems that at least at this age/stage, the OT does "everything". And sometimes I wonder if it's just the nature of the beast ... constantly worrying if they are doing okay, continuing to work towards hitting milestones. Some days I don't think twice about what Miss K can and can't do. Other days I'm fretting because at 1 week shy of four months, she still can't hold her head up on her own. Then I'm reminded of my lesson in all of this ... faith. That lesson started when I conceived Miss K and continues right through today ... faith.

  2. I, for one, hope you keep posting. I LOVE seeing the pictures (I know, I am Grama) but I also enjoy reading your posts to keep up to date. I know we live just "across the field" but some weeks fly by with out us talking much. I also feel it is a good place to share feelings, worries, ask questions, and to share accomplishments! You have a great connection with so many Moms here too. Thanks for helping so I can post a comment!

  3. 1st of all.... He is damn cute! 2nd..... I've been told and my experience is that pt & ot are basically overlapping at this point. It's when they're older that the ot focuses more on fine motor skills and the pt focuses more on gross motor.

    I can't speak for solids because as you know, sean has never met a meal he didn't like. M on the other hand, hated & still has a love/hate relationship with food. If she didn't need it to live, she'd do without it. She would've nursed till she was married & having her own kids.

    I'd say that if you're questioning any of it, then you should bring it up with the pedi or therapist and see what they say about it.

  4. Do not be concerned about being small. My Kristen is four and still just barely out of 2T clothes. Look at your other children...are they on the smaller size? If so, then Calvin will be even more smaller size. That is the case with my two girls. My seven year old is the smallest in her class...leaves little hope for Kristen :)! I have had her thyroid checked and watch that..otherwise, unfortunately small stature and delayed growth come with Down syndrome. Where does he fall on the Down syndrome growth curves?

    As for gross motor, I too have heard up until about nine months they overlap. I will say I wanted a PT first because I wanted to know how to work on the large motor skills first...sitting, crawling, standing, etc. It cannot hurt to have one added if that is possible. As for the head tilt, Kristen did that too. Our PT would show me how to stretch muscles and position that head...then she would back and Kristen would tilt the other way! So, as her neck became stronger and we continually made sure the tilt never became bad one way, it went away.

    Remember too...he is only eight months old. If he is sitting for short periods and able to roll that is really not too far off the "typical" milestones. Kristen would also like to take what I call her own breaks...she would do something and then decide to take a little time off. When my frustration was building and I thought she would never do it, she would decide that "okay, time to do it!"

    Hang in there...Calvin will do things on his own time. Trust me...Kristen has taught me a lot about patience. He will do it...I promise!

  5. Oh, one more thing. Sorry I am so long winded! As for the eating thing, what does your speech therapist say? He is an awesome at nursing, right? Kristen at eight months started on Cheerios, baked beans, and other softer foods. I ground up everything we ate so was she on solid people food...but was it still the consistency of baby food? Yes. The only reason I did Cheerios early with Kristen (because with my oldest i was too nervous to give until later) was because they are ideal to work on the pincer grasp. Both of my girls between eight months and twelves months did the transition from baby food to real people food! It will come too! Sorry about all the typos in my last one too...Kristen was in my lap trying to help :)!

  6. Evan has been receiving OT, PT, and ST since about 2 months old. OT and PT were quite similar for the first 6 months- working on core strength. Once Evan started solids, OT moved over to more fine motor and feeding things- our OT is also a feeding specialist (sometimes its the speech therapist who does feeding but for us it's OT).

    Evan has always been a gross-motor kinda guy, so honestly, besides her giving me some tips to do here and there, he's definitely gotten much more from the OT. That being said- if you have concerns regarding his head tilt- definitely use that as an excuse to get more therapies. He's getting to the age where the OT is going to be moving onto more fine motor skills and away from the gross motor stuff. Just my two cents! ;)

  7. Ilisa, he is a winner in the Cuteness department! Hands down!

  8. I hear you about the size, grady is a peanut too! cute photos of the boys, calvin's face is tooo precious! a follower:)