Thursday, March 10, 2011

Enjoying the slow times

I have not done this in years...guess what we're doing?Photobucket

We're laying in bed! I am working on my blog (a complete waste of time). Calvin is sleeping. He is feeling much better.

Cal woke up at midnight and I unbuckled him and brought him straight to bed with me. He was still very warm so the acetametiphine must not have worked. I fell asleep with him uncovered. I used the logic that I was actually colder than him so I'd keep him cool! Yeah right! Well, he/we woke at 4 and was cooled off a bunch and seems to be getting back to himself. We had a bath too and Nolan loved playing with the nasal aspirater. I taught him how to fill it up and squirt it out. During that time I had my eye on a mini trantula that was prancing around on my ceiling.

Nolan spotted it and ran to get his "shooter". I ran and got the vaccuum!

Yes, Nolan found a pacifier again and I'm taking complete advantage of it. He is watching loads of TV (my guilt kicks in again). But, he is finding letters. He has his colors down really well and he can count to 11 and can even find and name some letters.

Yay us! I feel like a waste of space today which is really hard for me. I seriously have some anxiety over it. I'll get over it someday.

My excuse? My back.

Yep, my back was getting better but has been a bugger the past couple of days. I overdid it last week I guess. My chiro wants to/is referring me to a pain specialist. He's giving up on me, too :( I am not happy one bit about this. BUT, I think with rest I can beat it. Rest? With 3 kids?

I told the chiro I don't want to do anything drastic and he is encouraging me to at least have a consult with him and hopefully this doc will also read the MRI to make sure nothing was missed...

So, while I sit her full of anxiety and hopelessness, at least my kids are happy and I have a new "look". Enjoy your Thursday!


  1. Cute new font! The exclamation marks throw me off a little though. LOL Sure hope you can get some relief for your back soon :( I know how it is keeping up with three kids. I started developing tendonitis in my tail bone of all places, and found that when I ditched the infant carrier, it went away. I'm sure your back issues are way more complicated, but those carriers are heavy. Take care, and hope the sickie bugs are gone soon!

  2. Everyone needs a lazy, stay in bed and watch TV kind of day every now and then. Don't feel guilty!! Enjoy it!

  3. Amy, I was thinking the exact same thing. I was just nursing Calvin and was thinking about changing the font for that exact reason!! Alike minds!

  4. I do love this new is so fun! How frustrating with your back because resting with three kids is really not an option :)...moms do not have time for that! I am glad you enjoyed a lazy day. They are good for the soul!

  5. I love your blog posts and all the pictures, of course! I know a lot of others check in, too, but just don't leave comments.