Thursday, March 3, 2011

I have crayon on my carpet

I never thought I'd have crayon on my carpet. I never thought my kitchen stool or kitchen floors would need the magic eraser. I didn't think I'd be 'that type of mom'. Well, I never thought I'd have a child with Down syndrome either.

Its just not about what I thought my life would be like.


  1. oh yeah :) my oldest colored her chalkboard with her chalk, but she didn't stop there. She went on to color her rocking horse, her block....and her baby sister.

  2. God has this plan for us, and it is amazing. It is not always our ideal plan, but what He has in store for us is better than we could have ever imagined! I need to remember that too somedays...I never thought I would be "that type of mom either." Crayons, losing my patience at times and hearing me use words my mom used I said I never would, doing things I looked at other moms and thought "really?" and yes, too, having a child with Down syndrome.