Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Poor Sweet Baby Calvin

Sweet Baby Calvin has a cold. He has a hot cold. Like 102.5 degrees. He is currently asleep in his carseat because he fell asleep in it and I'm not touching him.

I am pumping. He has not been eating much and when he woke from (didn't want to wake from) his afternoon nap, I knew it was time.

Our sweet baby was not quite himself so my mom and I stopped by the clinic on our way to get groceries. We were the last ones to see the doc at 6:30pm. We went straight from there to the pharmacy. He is now on an antibiotic (boo).
The verdict is he has some redness in one ear, definitely congested, and a red throat. The doc asked me if it was alright if he went on an antibiotic. Great doc, but I really wanted him to say what needed to be done. The fact that he didn't told me he didn't know exactly what was causing the fever but we decided that given it has been 5 days since this began and it is only getting worse, then an antibiotic it is.

Having a child whom is ill with cold-like symptoms that progressively worsen leaves parents doing the "should I, no, it's just a virus, but what-if?" game. Well, when we thought about him and how he started coughing last Friday and it has only gotten worse and now has a fever, we made the decision to have it checked out. "Peace of mind if anything" I explained to Joe. Joe is quite concervative. We both are, but him more so.

Well, he will have to get those probiotics in him but we're hoping to get on the otherside of this real quick. We've been lucky/blessed. This is his first true knock-out illness.

He ate yesterday at 3pm and was out by 6pm (not eating much). I woke him at 3am and he didn't each much. I had to pump this morning and I got him to eat but also gave him a bottle during his sleep spell. I don't want him to loose weight.

Calvin cannot afford to loose weight. I have not given the update on the ENT yet (I will)...we went, it was frustrating, and we found out he weighs 12lbs 10oz. Tiny guy. Sweet and tiny.
So, back to tonight. We went to Subway (since I hadn't eaten and it was 8). He was smiling away at the ceiling fans. I'm going to dust ours off since they are such a hit. I cannot wait for Calvin to be moving and showing us more of his personality. It honestly feels like it will never happen.

Is it possible to have a baby forever??? I'm sure it will happen in this household. Crazy. I'm not sure if I'd like it or not. Okay, not. But for awhile.

Happy Thursday. I hope ours is. Though I'll be cancelling OT and he really never gets therapy. That's another post though. Sorry, I'm doubting anyone has even read it to this point. If so, congrats. Here's a pic to reward you:


  1. Poor Calvin! I pray he gets better fast. I know exactly how you feel...I feel like Max will be a baby forever and never crawl and never I know he will someday but I feel like the day will never be here. I could go on and on about therapy is hard and draining, but everyone keeps telling me it will pay off. So, I am right here with you and know what you are going through!!

  2. Sweet baby Calvin. I hope he's feeling much better very quickly.