Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Supplements, take 2

I have gotten some inquiries about my post on supplements so I thought I'd give it some more focus.

Since my Feedings, etc. post, I quit pumping and giving Calvin a bottle with NuTriVene-D. He was getting more and more finicky about it and it was taking almost 45 minutes to take a bottle. Well, that just isn't going to happen everyday so I made the decision to go back to taking them myself. If you take them yourself (because you are nursing), make sure you are not over-doing supplements with extra vitamins. I am still taking a multivitamin but quit taking the extra E and D3. It was actually overlooked on my part, so that is why I'm sharing.

If you use NuTriVene-D, you may be able to get the nighttime supplement directly into your little one. I put a 1/4 capsule on a spoon and give that to Cal around 6pm.

Also, how do you get your child to take supplements that taste poorly? This makes me think of our nutritionist, Karen R. Hurd. Her daughter was diagnosed with cancer when she was a young child. If you have time to read her story, I'd highly recommend it. Anyways, she forced nasty supplements down her daughter's throat and she eventually got used to them. However, the supplements that Calvin will/has taken will be mixed in foods and shouldn't even be noticeable. Just because we think they would be gross, doesn't mean they will. Evan and Nolan chomp on a Nordic Natural Omega Oil capsule and love it! I'd get sick.

So, have I noticed anything different with Calvin since giving him supplements? YES! For one, his bowel movements. They are as they were when he was on it before OHS in November. They are as his brothers' were.

When he wasn't on it from Thanksgiving through January, Calvin had pasty dirty diapers. This is gross, but one mom asked "like peanut butter?" and that was exactly it. They are not like that anymore!

For two, Calvin has not been sleeping that well and he has been better the past few nights. If his serotonin levels are rising, that would account for both the bowel movements and the better sleep. Of course they are both susceptible to other environmental factors and I have not conducted any research, but it is notable.

I do not know for sure what else is happening in Calvin because of his supplements. However, he is doing really well. He has not had more than a cough this winter.

Nutrition is the only means of impacting our little one's bodies from the inside out. It is probably more important than we realize. It is never too late and we should not beat ourselves up if time has passed and our kiddo's weren't receiving any extra's. There are positives to every situation. Maybe you'll notice things other than sleep and diapers and those observations will be helpful to us all. Continue to ask questions!

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