Tuesday, March 15, 2011

You guys are great!

Thank you! I will keep doing what I am doing. Calvin is moving along and I will not be too concerned about his size and abilities. I really wasn't much but don't want to be blind. His doctor is fine not starting solids even up until he is a year old. However, I'll probably start before that. Also, Calvin is well proportioned. He seems just right to me. And yes, as you can tell, Nolan and Evan are not really large kids and neither are their parents.

Calvin is moving and happy so I don't think I need to worry that he is not eating enough. Also, as far as motor skills, he is making small gains, such as starting to turn a bit more when he's on his stomach. So, that's that. I won't worry unless I have to. Even then, worry is really a waste of energy. Just like I've said before.

On a more positive note: Joe plowed off the garden tonight. He has been so motivated after having a good pumpkin year AND going to Niagara Falls this past weekend. He went for a giant pumpkin convention or something like that ;) Photobucket
He told Evan that since he has the week off, Evan needed to get the snow off the garden. Ev thought his dad was very serious. So, Evan problem solved with 2 options: A) get Grandpa Wayne's snow blower or B) "We could manure spreader with our arms and get snow on Mom!" They had a good laugh over that. At my expense of course. I am so ganged up on being the only girl in this house.

We went for a walk the other day. That is when I got a pic of the eagle. Joe thought it was something I found online. Nope.

When we walk, it takes about an hr to go a mile and we like a goal.Photobucket
So we walk to the farm.Photobucket
The farm is on Joe's family's land. It is rented out by a neighbor.
It is a super small operation with just a few dozen cows. Photobucket
But lucky for us, that is where the calves go when they are no longer with their mommas. However, I think the calves are getting quite big: PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
The boys enjoyed finding catepillers on the road.PhotobucketNolan wanted to kiss them! I think he actually did kiss a couple. Hopefully they didn't catch his cold!
Of course the days are incomplete if the boys do not play in the water. Evan was telling me that he likes to put the 'guys' on the shore of "Lake Superior". He likes to jump in the Superior as well.




  1. Again - I love seeing the pictures of my 3 favorite little guys!!

  2. I am happy you do! Also, I was noticing a sour smell as I was getting Nolan dressed to go out and I found the culprit...those cows are very dirty :(

  3. I'm glad you're putting the worry aside. It will only serve to take up space. I love the pictures.

  4. I am so glad you are doing better. Emotions are such a roller coaster at times! Worry is a waste of energy, I agree, but hard not to do as a mom who wants what is the best for her kids! Love all the pictures...what a beautiful area you live in! I showed Kristen all the pictures of the cows. She loves animals! Thanks for sharing! You have such handsome little guys!

  5. So glad you are following my blog, because then I found yours! :) Love the pics of your beautiful boys!