Thursday, April 28, 2011

I have a dream...

I often find myself thinking I'd like to be a photographer and a writer. PhotobucketPhotobucket
The problem is I do not know what to write about AND I have to work on become a better photographer. Photobucket
But hey, why not? Okay, I just told you why not.

I have been practicing with my camera a lot. PhotobucketPhotobucket
I like Shuttermomma. They have helped quite a bit. There are some online opportunities to share photography and enter in contests. However, I just do not prioritize much other than keeping up with the kids and the house. I plan to just keep practicing more and when Calvin is not nursing so much I will have time to delve in a bit more. PhotobucketPhotobucket
I have even been hoping to find some seniors to try portraits on.

I had a dream that Joe bought me another present; an upgrade to my Canon Rebel xsi. I do not want the upgrade at this time, but it is telling that I had a dream about photography.
I am reading A LOT to work on learning about writing. I would like to think that when I am dead my book will still take up space on a library shelf somewhere. And, maybe people with think of me now and then and remember something amazing I created.

I was really moved by Nicolas Sparks' Three Weeks With My Brother. I highly recommend it. I am over half-way through Water For Elephants. I just started it on Sunday. I love reading and I did not used to be so into it. It is my escape. "Take me away, to a better place".


  1. I love your photography AND your writing. Keep it up!

  2. I just wish I knew how to get pictures from my camera to this new computer of You are much much farther than I am!

  3. You have everything it takes to fulfill that dream!!! Keep on doing what you are going, and it will become a reality! I am always one to dream big...

    Loved the book Water for Elephants...I want to see the movie but know movies are never really as good as the books! Enjoy the rest of that one!

  4. You guys are so nice! Thank you! I'll keep having fun :) Melissa, I am looking fwd to you getting those pictures for us to look at! Becky, I am almost done and I agree, the movies are never as good...

  5. I'd hire you to take my kids' pictures anytime! Always looking to find someone NEAR home for pics. Tired of driving to the cities to have pics done. :) Nice to see you yesterday!

  6. I'm with you! I'd so love to work on learning more about photography.....although I definitely need a better camera! I need to dream up a way to come up with the $$$$. :) I agree with all the other ladies, your pics are beautiful already. :)

  7. I'm lusting after a decent camera. I love the pictures that you take! Keep at it, you can do anything you set your mind to...look forward to watching your progress here on your blog. (-:

  8. I think you take fabulous pictures!! And you have the cutest kids too :)

  9. you are already the most amazing writer. I love to read your posts and you write such deep thoughts, the kind that keep me up at night. You dig deep within to share your thoughts with the rest of us, a personal journey that many people would never dream of sharing with the world. Take all your posts, save them, date them and continue; before you know it your book will be done. and I will buy your first copy.