Monday, April 4, 2011

Kissing Ladybugs

I've been staying off the computer (except to order baby food and diapers via I have so much else to do. However, I love getting on and checking some blogs - the blog list is getting so long - and updating mine.

I had a nice day with the boys sans Nolan's stubborn and very tired crying that is accompanying what I suspect to be the emergence of some 2 year molars. Lets just say I still have too much to do and I am really feeling some anxiety over the upcoming change of going back to work. Sure, it will not be until September, but the reminders of what life is like verses what life will be like are everywhere. That, my friends, is why I am not going to be on here as much for a while. I will do what I can, but unless my to-do list is being chiseled away at, it will not be as much as I'd like for awhile.

The older boys napped very well today. I decided to start a behavior chart with them. I'm not expecting much from Nolan except that I'm hoping Evan will role-model what I'd like to see from them. The main event? Nap-time. Nap-time is a disaster for a few reasons. I've been spending time thinking about why and have come up with the time it went awry: last summer. What changed? No more nuk for Nolan was HUGE! I really do think if he still had one I'd get better naps from him, but... Secondly, Nolan moved from the crib upstairs to the crib in Evan's room in the basement. Finally, Calvin was born and there is just less time and flexibility for me to devote to nap-time rituals of book reading and rocking. Well, there we have it. So, behavior chart here we come. Evan is already excited because there are different levels and one includes a new toy from the store. We'll see. I can't say I'm excited. I am going to have to follow through as well...with no guarantee's I'll get what I want!

On another note, I am really feeling almost down tonight. I just love my boys so much that sometimes I wish life would pause and I could keep them as little guys for longer than will be. I love that Evan is excited about a sticker chart. I love that Evan wants to help undress Calvin for his bath; pick up toys; play "Wild Kratts"; paint pictures like Grandpa Ray; read (he said the Humpty Dumpty rhyme in the tub and when he asked if it was right and I said 'yes', he said "then I can read that book"); helps Nolan get his blanket; shares his birthday gifts with his brother Nolan; loves to go on walks with me and even walks 2 miles without complaining or wanting to ride in the stroller; loves singing; talks about God and Jesus; I get good reports that he provided for a nice time with one of his teachers at school; and much much more.
I love that Nolan laughs and smiles when he sees Calvin and Evan; dances like Grandpa Wayne; wears sunglasses; kissed the ladybug that was crawling around on the living room carpet; hugs and shares with his friends and cousins when they come to play; gets his guitar to play when his dad is playing; says 'thank you' and 'I'm welcome'; climbs in bed with me in the morning; sits himself in timeout when he knows he goofed up; waves at everyone when we are on our walks; genuinely loves life; and much much more.
And Calvin. I love that Calvin is little; smiles a lot; is patient; sleeps better than his brothers; is busy; is interested in the world; has Down syndrome; is almost 9 months old; splashes in the tub; does "so big"; captivates my wonder; has crazy hair; amazes us all; and much much more.


  1. What a beautiful post! I would love to capture every moment with my children too, but the most wonderful part is that each stage is fun and exciting. Just when you start missing that baby phase, you look at this amazing person emerging and love the new phase of life you find yourself in...I have enjoyed every moment and the memories I will cherish forever.

    I will miss regular updates but understand how life can get busy, especially if you have to return to work. I only work 2 to 3 shifts a month as a nurse and that sometime seems like too much! You have three amazing boys...thanks for sharing them.

  2. Sweet babies, awesome post, and great shot of you and baby Calvin at the end...frame worthy;)
    I love quiet nights to catch up on my blogging friends too-hope life settles down a bit for you so you can enjoy your loves even more than you already do!